‘The Lady Vanishes’ Review (Post #82)

lady_vanishes_xlg1938 was a truly different time for thrillers and suspense films. The way Hitchcock brings us The Lady Vanishes is much more subdued sic then thrillers would be now. There is little to no music throughout we not use cues of music to feed the thrills in this film.

The Lady Vanishes is extremely well paced. What really draws us in as the audience is the seeking of answers . We play through this film right along with our two protagonists as they search for the lost Miss Froy. I felt utter confusion at times as things get more and more frantic for Iris.

One thing I really loved about this movie was its comedy. it was so subtle but used at just the right times, especially when we see Iris reaching the brink of sanity, Hitchcock pulls both Iris and us as the audience back into reality. This is when we regain focus.

I loved the character and situational set up. We spend some time with each of the supporting and lead characters in the hotel that is full for the night. The movie is gives off a handful of laughs and chuckles by using the quick witted dialogue and comic situations. There is no sense of thrill until the very end of these opening sequences when we finally realize what the rest of the film will feel like.

If The Lady Vanishes was made the exact same way for today’s audience, I feel like many would get bored fast. Our audiences today are used to music showing us how to feel and use of quick cuts to increase suspense. Hitchcock paces this movie very methodically and in my opinion the use of long camera shots makes the film that much more uncomfortable and stimulating. Good work HITCH!



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