‘Bernie’ Review (Post #81)

bernie_xlgBernie is the kind of comedy I actually  like to see. Since I have started watching movies with a (Somewhat) intelligent state of mind during viewings, comedy has become one of my least favorite genres. It is quality comedies like these that make my feelings toward comedies grow.

I think it is the lack of depth in so many modern comedies that I just get turned off. But Bernie had me smiling from start to finish. Bernie is quirky, fun and shows that Jack Black is truly a great actor.

I have loathed Black in the past, many times playing an obnoxiously stupid character, but I have learned to like him in films like The Holiday, King Kong, (Half of) School of Rock and now Bernie. He made his role as Bernie Tiede one of the most memorable modern characters of comedy. The supporting cast is holds up just as well. Every time Mathew McConaughey was on screen, I couldn’t help but smile. He is just frickin hilarious, the only thing missing was seeing him in all his shirtless glory. Shirley MaClaine plays the stuck up Marjorie Nugent really well. Having many some really great moments as the stuck up B#@&! of an old lady.

This movie almost always has something for you to smile or giggle at and at time has some laugh out loud worthy moments. This movie is smart, fun as well as a great character study. Bernie is one of the best comedies of 2012.



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