‘Silver Lingings Playbook’ Review (Post #77)

Silver-Linings-Playbook-PosterEvery once in a while there is a movie that is released that transcends beyond the screen and becomes an emotional journey. This is a journey that reaches into the crowd and grabs hold of some unexacting audience member.

I really had no Idea what Silver Linings Playbook was about when I went to see David O. Russel’s newest film. I had seen the trailer and heard about its Oscar nominations, but all I knew is that it was a story about dancing and hockey, (Or was it football, yes football). I truly believe this is the best way to see a film, without any expectations or otherwise intruding knowledge.

But Silver Linings Playbook is about neither football of dancing, but somehow it is. I don’t want to give anything away about the plot, so I will instead write to you about  my thoughts on the movie.

Let’s start with the acting category. Playbook is the first movie movie since 1981’s Reds to be nominated in all 4 acting categories for the Academy Awards and will sadly possibly win only one of these Oscars, for Jennifer Lawrence’s portrayal as Tiffany, the lead Actress in this film. Jennifer gives one of the most honest rolls I have ever seen in my few very short years of viewing movies. Lawrence hates being praised for being an actress, but she damn well deserves from this perfect performance. Next up is the main subject of Silver Linings Playbook, Bradley Cooper’s Pat. Not only do I admiring the fact that Cooper went to college and studied acting and has made it, already to Academy nominee level. He is superb in this movie. He’s gives us a remarkably believable performance as the newly released mental patient. From the beginning of the movie Pat becomes more and more involved in tension filled scenes and when he finally comes to a change in character that Cooper pulls off so perfectly, that I was finally able to relax as I was living the whole film as Pat. Every choice he made I was making with him. I have hardly ever felt so involved in a film. But these two stars are not the only to actors in the film worth talking about.

Robert De Niro is back! For the last few years many have been talking about how he has been choosing films that do nothing but undermine his talent. But in Silver Linings Playbook we really see why De Niro has been so highly proclaimed for his skills in his art. He plays Pat Sr., the father of Pat (Bradley Cooper) in the movie. De Niro plays in probably the most emotional scene in the film where he wakes up Pat and confronts him with an absolutely heartbreaking and beautiful monologue.

The cinematography is another mentionable part of this film. David O. Russel and his cinematographer Masanobu Takayanagi choice of shots and movement are at times more like the  choreography of a dance then it is staple camera movement. I really admired this style.

The screenplay is phenomenal, I would love for it to go home with the Oscar, but I see Django taking home this award. The actors feed off this near perfect script leaving us with some of the most memorable scenes of the year.

Silver Linings Playbook is  emotional, dramatic,  heartbreaking and surprisingly hilarious. This film passes as one of the most entertaining movies of the year. It has made its way to the top of my favorites of 2012. I could not recommend this movie any more than to say it is a must see for not only this year, but all time.



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