‘Return of the Jedi’ or ‘Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi’ Review (Post #76)

list_2_128_20101205_131826_382As a young lad, I was a frequently checking out movies from the public library in my town. This was the first Star Wars movie I checked out, as well as the first one I remember seeing in completion. I had made some kind of a mix up and thought that this was the first of the original trilogy. Well I was dumb. Anyways, I remember seeing this one more than the other two in the original trilogy and upon revisiting it for the first time in four years it lived up to be a good but no the best installment of the series.

Return of the Jedi has allot of memorable moments but it just didn’t live up to Episodes IV and V for me. The film has excellent pacing and is as precise as you can get with story telling, but nothing jumped out at me as things did in the first two. But I will say that  I sat admiring Jabba every second he was on screen. He is one ridiculously huge puppet that made a very convincing character.

The characters were as great as ever, plus Chewbacca wasn’t as nearly as annoying as in Episode V.  I loved the climax between Luke, Darth Vader and The Emperor. These scenes really draw you in and are maybe the best written parts of this final installment. We really see Luke struggle and ultimately decide which side he will take. It brings you through a range of emotions and at last leaves you tremendously satisfied.
Return of the Jedi is a great climax to the Star Wars series, but isn’t quite as good as its predecessors. Having said this, I really enjoyed viewing this again with my roommate who regards this as his favorite Star Wars. It is a good film but lacks some of the awe worthy spectacles. Though I am not saying there are none to be found. Star Wars: Episodes VI – Return of the Jedi is a worthy final to one of the most memorable movie series in history.


(Maybe I just liked it better as a kid, I can see why it got so much of my attention. Not as complex as episode V for one thing.)


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