‘Mama’ Review (Post #75)

mama-poster1I think Guillermo del Toro is a major reason why so many are seeing Mama. It is certainly a major reason why I saw it. Recently he has showed us how creative he can be with his Producing role on Rise of the Guradians. Once again del Toro has taken up the roll of producer in this horror movie that is very original while hitting many haunted house movies along the way.

After five years of abandonment, two young girls are found in woods in a terrifying Gollum like state, resembling creatures of the wild after adapting to the forest, with maybe a little help.

I know we give allot of credit to del Toro for his work on the films but we must also acknowledgment to the Director of Mama, Andrés Muschietti, who wrote and directed the original short film Mamá in 2008. Mama is one of the more original horror movies dealing with children that I have seen of late. It has a good number of jump scares as well as a great number of suspense scenes that make you quake in your seat.

The story as I have said before is really original. We see these two girls trying to adapt to a normal life, but are ultimately haunted, or is the right word loved?, by a specter that has come to care for the children. This leads into a very original plot that gives us an ending I am pleasantly pleased with, but that tried and nearly failed to go for “GOT YAH!” moment that really didn’t work.

It is not until the end when the specter is revealed in all its glory. Which ultimately makes the rest of the film less scary. But this isn’t a bad thing. After discussing Mama with my roommate we found that this choice in storytelling gave the specter a much deserved human quality. I would like to discuss more, but don’t want to ruin the plot.

Mama needs to be given credit for giving the child horror story a much needed improvement. If you are a horror genre fan, I am sure you will like this film for its thrills and rather good storytelling.



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