‘Magic Mike’ Review (Post #74)

magicmike-onesheetMagic Mike is one of those “Don’t judge a book by its cover” type movies. When I saw the trailer for this last year I was not enthused to see this film. But upon release it received a number of substantial and meaningfully positive reviews and that got me intrigued. What made me even more curious was the fact that neither my girlfriend or her friends really liked the movie. She thought it had a stupid story bad and terrible acting. So I went against her wishes and decided to give Magic Mike a chance.

The story is a rather simple one. Channing Tatum is a male stripper who teaches a young new recruit, Alex Pettyfer the ways of the of the stripper. Then the try to make as much money as possible. Now there are some more subplots to keep it a little more interesting, but the story is not what makes this movie great. What makes this movie a winner is its entertainment value.

Magic Mike is a ton of fun. I think guys will have just as much fun with it as girls. It is full of laugh out loud comic moments and even more of the subtle, “Did you catch that?” jokes, that make you chuckle for a good 30 seconds.

The script seems to be very casual which brings forth some ultimately realistic dialogue. The actors all do good with this style of writing and for much of it, it even seems improvised, which in this case, works really well. Tatum and Pettyfer do well in there rolls, making them fun and even lovable. Matthew McConaughey plays the roll of the strippers wrangler and owner of the club. He as well gives a fun performance. I thought Cody Horn did excellent in her roll, she had a very nuance performance that seem very dry and boring, but played it off beautifully. She was very natural and did a great job.

Steven Soderbergh brought me a good Hour and fifty minutes of entertainment. I am really considering buying this movie as I find it a film I could pop in for a good entertaining night with some friends. Magic Mike is one of the more pleasurable movies of the year that doesn’t take itself too seriously. I recommend Magic Mike for those of you who are looking for a night of some good old fashion male stripper entertainment.



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