“The Empire Strikes Back” or “Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back” Review (Post #73)

Thempire_strikes_back_style_ae Empire Strikes Back is one of the most magnification movies I have ever had the honor of viewing. It’s been years since I have seen it, but boy does it hold up to my adolescent memories. Star Wars: Episode V has chalk full of some of the greatest moments I have ever seen. The opening in Hoth with Luke and Han showed me that Lucas really pulled out the stops for this second film in the original trilogy. The effects, storytelling and narrative are at there peak throughout the movie. Even though I am used to the spectaculars of modern visual/special effects, I was in complete awe numerous times throughout the movie.

This is truly one of the most marvelous pieces of cinema I have ever seen and I can’t believe it has been over 4 years since I have seen it. This is a movie that deserves a viewing at least once a year from me. It is just that good.

I love the relationship dynamic between Han And Leia, their relationship is so heartwarming while at the same time being absolutely hilarious. From the start, all you want to see is them to proclaim their love for another, than Leia goes to tell Han “I love you!” and he responds in a very Han like way with, “I know.” It’s moments like these that make Empire’s script and dialogue so classic.

There is a particular scene when Luke is training with Yoda and he goes into a sort of cave and encounters what he believes to be Darth Vader, strikes him down and finds it’s him. I found this to be one of the best scenes in the movie. This moment gives Luke and us as the audience a moment to truly understand what is at stake in this film, who Darth Vader is and what Luke could ultimately become. It is just a marvelously conceived scene.

There are also many thrilling adventure moments. One of my favorites is when Luke is frozen to the ceiling by his feet and he must use the force to grab his light saber and cut himself down before the monster comes to get him. It is the kind of scene that oozes bad ass and is cool no matter how many times you have seen the film.

To conclude on my favorite scenes, I have to include the fight between Luke and Darth Vader. This scene is so much more exciting than the lame face off between Vader and Obi-Wan in A New Hope. When it get’s to the final conclusion of the film and Vader reveals that he is Luke’s father, I had some crazy goosebumps. This is probably the most famous scene in the serious and boy is it a wonderful assemble of near perfect film making and storytelling.

My only complaint of the movie is with Chewbacca. I don’t know why or who decided that they should give Chewbacca a bigger roll with more lines, if that is what you can call them. For a while now I have been hearing how everyone says Jar Jar Binks is the worst character in Star Wars history and how he is the most annoying. He is no where near as annoying as Chewy. For one, he makes the same gargling throat noise from start to finish and hell, my ears felt like they were bleeding. At least Jar Jar could talk like civilized being.

To conclude, I will say The Empire Strikes Back is the better of the first two original films. It one of the best movies I have ever seen. Both this and Episode IV have made my list of 100 favorite films.



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