‘Star Wars’ or (Star Wars: Episode IV-A New Hope) Review (Post #72)


(This is coming from a non Die-Hard Star Wars Fan)

It has been at least 4 years since I have seen any of the Star Wars films and I have been, this week, revisiting for the first time since then. I watched them allot when I was younger. They were always some of my favorite movies to loan out from the library. I remember most everything that happens in them. But now it is very refreshing watching these beloved films with a fresh eye. It’s nice being able to catch and understand some of the great dialogue and story telling going on throughout Star Wars.

Episode IV was never my favorite. I always seemed to prefer watch VI over IV. But anyways, it was fun an nostalgic revisiting Episode IV again for the first time in years. I can see the love that it has gained over the years and how religious a following it has. It is a ton of fun and definitely an outstanding film. But after watching Episode III today I was waiting to be even more blown away, (Frankly, I found Revenge of The Sith a near phenomenal movie, with one of its only downfalls being its script) but I came out liking this one only a bit more than III, about one star more. Sure it has better writing and much more memorable dialogue, and well it is the better loved film. (But I found the story of Anakin and his turn to the Dark Side in episode III absolutely exhilarating.) 

Don’t get me wrong, A New Hope was great and I loved every minute of it, but let’s just say I am hoping to be wow’d by the next two even more. The original Star Wars film has allot to offer, in terms of being a revolutionary film and in my opinion, should be a staple for every film lover. Star Wars is a great film and it deserves all the love and respect it deserves. Much applause to Lucas for creating a visually stunning and immersing world that is Star Wars.


Hoping that the next two will win a 10/10 for me.



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