‘The Book Of Eli’ (Post #70)

The-Book-of-Eli-PosterHaving had the ending of this movie ruined by my brother a couple of a years ago, I still found allot to like about this movie.

Visually The Book of Eli is spot on. I found that the Hughes Brothers had great control of there camera, using it truly as a tool. The story is a gripping one and will keep most audiences interested from start to finish. I found the pacing was spot on and not once did I think of the time or how long I had been sitting there. The action isn’t glorified but there are some really smartly choreographed scenes that are magnified by the use of the camera.

I liked the color pallet, it was used well to set the mood and tone of the film. Denzel Washington is great here, really pulling us along through what is truly a fresh story. The book of Eli isn’t a GREAT movie but it is a really good flick that is worth the viewing. Mila Kunis could have been better, though she looked great, a little too great for a post apocalyptic world. Gary Oldman has allot of fun as the primary villain, but lacks some depth.

As action flicks go, it is truly above average. It is very straight forward, you won’t have to dig very much to understand this film. The Book of Eli has great cinematography and writing supported with solid performances. I recommend The Book of Eli.




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