‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Review (Post #66)

the-dark-knight-rises-teaser-poster When I originally saw The Dark Knight Rises I didn’t feel ready to give it a review. I really felt like I needed to give it a second viewing before I could write a review I would be happy with. Since my brother got The Dark Knight Trilogy on BluRay for Christmas, I knew I would have my opportunity.

Over the last four years, The Dark Knight has become one of my top 20 favorite movies. I hate to be cliche with this title, but it is just an unbelievably smart, engrossing and altogether entertaining cinematic experience. So I would say that Rises came upon us this summer under a huge shadow that is The Dark Knight. Everyone wanted it to be as good, if not better than the sequel. But is it better? No. Should we compare? Sure, why not? They are in the same trilogy. But is the Dark Knight Rises satisfactory. Yes, even more so. Nolan has finished his tale of the caped crusader an epic and altogether smart final chapter.

Rises is a masterfully made movie. Over and over we have seen Christopher Nolan weave cinematic magic. Magic that so many filmmakers could only dream of doing. We really see his cinematic eye and expertise in Rises. The story is excellent! The acting, all around is phenomenal. Anne Hathaway’s depiction of Her Cat Woman is pitch perfect, easily my favorite character in Nolan’s final Batman Blockbuster. The cinematography, Jaw Dropping. But how does it fall short? Well, it is hard to say. Some don’t like the script. I personally don’t think there is anything wrong with it. It has some moving moments of dialogue, but it still lacks the pizazz we saw from the Joker in The Dark Knight. There isn’t much Batman as in the other two films. This movie is about Bruce Wayne and about the people of Gotham City. And I don’t think that is a bad thing. It is first and foremost a drama. Its tale is heavy with, lots of character development and allot pain. This may drive some away, but I rather enjoyed this personal take of Bruce and what he had to go through to finally become the hero everyone needs.

So basically, for me, what this all comes down to is The Dark Knight Rises just isn’t as pitch perfect as The Dark Knight. It is an amazing film, one of the best of the year. I loved it, especially my during my second viewing. I thought it incredibly smart. The final 20 minutes was one of the most satisfactory conclusion I have ever seen. Chris Nolan, you did right in this movie and I applaud him!



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