‘The Grey’ Review (Post #64)

the-grey-movie-poster-01 The Grey has been on my radar all year. I followed it as its trailer was first released up until it finally made its way onto Netflix. Now I have been meaning to watch The Grey for some time but finally decided to round up my brother and give the  The Grey a go.

The Grey is a movie that uses both its characters and intense situations to keep the audience on the edge of our seats. Director and writer Joe Carnahan has crafted a story that will be appreciated by action junkies as well as those who love a good character driven drama. Carnahan and his cinematographer Masanobu Takayanagi (Babel, Warrior) have chosen to keep a majority of the shots up close and personal. It seems that a majority of the film was shot on shoulder mount, which has become more and more appealing to me lately. It just seems to work so well. The situation is is just as uncomfortable as the camera.

The group of 7 survivors of a plane crash must stand against not only the fierce Alaskan weather as well as a number of savage man eating wolves. As situations worse, the group of 7 become more and more like there furry adversaries, mirroring the pack of wolves in almost every aspect. Liam Neeson is the main protagonist, Ottway, a gun hire whose job is to help protect the oil men from the wild wolves. After the crash he becomes the self nominated leader. This seems like a good decision on his part because of his expertise and honesty. As usual, in movies like these, there is one who doesn’t appreciate the fact that Ottway has stepped up as leader. This gradually leads to a scene where Ottway is confronted by one of the survivors, whom from the beginning has had a bad attitude about everything. This scene evolves into action that reflects the wolves and how one wolf confronts the Alpha of the pack minutes earlier in the movie. Ottway is the alpha of the survivors and must stand his ground. This scene is very intriguing, foreshadowing the end of the film.

The Grey is a fascinating film that is masterfully structured. It is one of the most favorable movies of the year. I feel that both film buffs and casual movie goers alike with deeply appreciate this film. It is an edge of your seat drama, with a proper amount of action to keep those action junkies a bit of pleasure. I highly recommend the Grey.



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