‘Rise of the Guardians’ Review (Post #63)

hr_Rise_of_the_Guardians_19  Dream Works has been gaining more and more respect from me lately, ever since there best, How To Train Your Dragon was released. Puss In Boots and Kung Fu Panda 2 are two such films that I found raised the quality of their films. sure I like my dose of Shrek but they went overboard on the series, making two too many. But it wasn’t until a few weeks ago that I had even heard of Rise of the Guardians.I that Guillermo del Toro was producing it and this made me really excited, maybe too excited.

This idea of del Toro behind this movie gave me a preconceived opinion of Guardians before I had even seen it. This is very dangerous for an educated audience member to do. And I do considered myself an educated viewer as I love looking into  films elements by analyze and talking about them. One should always enter the theater without these preconceived opinions. I went in expecting another How To Train Your Dragon and left thinking I’d viewed another average film.

After discussing and thinking about it for the past two days, I finally decided I was able to write a review. The makers of Rise of the Guradians took the classic plot choice: “What happens when Christmas is ruined?” and turned it on its head.

Besides the fact that Santa was in the film, Guradians had nothing to do with Christmas. It actually took place during Easter. So I don’t know if you should consider it a Christmas movie or not. It is definitely a family film though. Not a true Christmas film, but I am sure some, maybe even myself, would include it in the sub genre.

Even though I thought ROTG was above average, at best, they still did a wonderful job of creating an immersive and beautiful world. The animation was stunning, some of the most impressive as, CG films go, to date. I love it when filmmakers make their own interpretation of classic tales ad characters. Who knew that Santas elves were basically useless and Yeti’s made the toys, or that the Easter Bunny’s Australian, or the tooth fairy doesn’t even take your teeth, but tiny baby tooth fairies do, or the boogie man has a sexy Jude Law voice, and finally most surprising of all, that the Sandman is the most powerful legend of all?

Rise of the Guardians is a ton of fun, full of some spectacular action (A bit much for my taste) and allot of laughs. The younger audience will love it for all its magic and cute animal faces. But I challenge the adults to watch it with an open mind and no preconceived notions, unlike what I did. I recommend giving this animated delight the chance it deserves.



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