‘No Country For Old Men’ Review (Post #63)


No-Country-For-Old-Men-Poster-the-coen-brothers-9945895-986-1452Joel and Ethan Coen are two of the most prominent and legendary film makers of all time. Their experience and passion for movies are evident in every film they make. I have yet to see them make a bad movie, though I didn’t care for Fargo, it was hard for me to get around the annoying Norwegian accents. As a Minnesota native I know that it is the Norwegian accent and not a Minnesota accent. I know most of the movie takes place in North Dakota, but it just struck a nerve. Anyways, last night I screened No Country for Old Men for the first time on my newly purchased BluRay.

No Country is a near perfect film. The Coen Brothers chose to adapt the novel, by the same name, and create an ingenious movie that exploits their craft more than any of their other works.

After viewing this dark and gritty accomplishment I was left wanting more. More of the movie? Not necessarily. When I say more, I mean I wanted to read into and analyze the film. So I made my way over to the internet and found a great analytical study of the Coen Brothers Best Picture Winner. Joel and Ethan made one of the most precise and deeply rooted compositions of storytelling, writing and mise en scéne in recent years. It is chalk full of meaning and technique. I know that one day, once I understand more the process of film study and analysis I will be all over the Coen Brother’s best film. Sure I haven’t seen them all and Oh Brother, Where Art Though is my favorite of theirs, but I have to say No Country for Old Men out ranks and performs the rest.

Plus all the performances are top notch!



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