’50/50′ Review (Post #61)

Last night I watched two movies that took two very serious subjects and turned them on their heels to make not only two extremely funny films, but two very honest human experiences. These film were The Great Dictator and 50/50.

My viewing experience of 50/50 was an interesting one. My school’s film program has a personal screening room that I like to take advantage of whenever I get the chance. I decided that after my 9-12 Media Library shift (That’s right! I work in a movie library!) I would watch 50/50 on BluRay, projected on the big screen. The only thing was, I was by myself and that it was probably 50 degrees in the screening room, as the building it is in a an old one and can get cold at times. Because of the cold I wore my coat, scarf and gloves during the duration of the movie. I recommend everyone try this once in there lives!

Adam, played by the tremendously talented Joseph Gordan-Levitt is diagnosed with cancer and has a 50% chance of living. We follow the relationship between Adam and his best friend Kyle, his mother, his girlfriend and his new therapist played by Anna Kendrick, whom I have found very pleasing in almost every film I’ve seen her in. She is a young talent that will and has gone place, having already been nominated for Best Supporting Actress in 2009 for Up In the Air.

These relationships are what builds and further more drives the story of Adam’s cancer. As Adam interacts with each character we see his emotions range all over the spectrum. He takes the news of his cancer better than most of us would, but maybe this makes it even more real. Adam has lots of hidden emotion that he does not reveal until the final act, which was one of the best final acts I have ever seen.

I can honestly say I laughed, cried and ached during this masterful film. It truly an honest cinematic experience. 50/50 is the kind of film that pops up only a few times a year. I wish to see more new film that have as much heart as 50/50. It is an all around great movie that will please most who take the time to view it. 50/50 gets my highest recommendation.



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2 responses to “’50/50′ Review (Post #61)”

  1. CMrok93 says :

    My favorite from last-year because it made me laugh, cry, and just feel all of this emotion towards a story that many people, including myself can relate to. Good review.

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