‘Lincoln’ Review (Post #60)

Lincoln is a dramatic historical biography of Abraham Lincoln during 1865, as the Civil War draws to a close. The story focuses on Lincoln’s struggle to pass the 13th amendment that would abolish slavery. The movie spends a majority of its time with Lincoln and his family in the White House as well as a number of scenes in the Congressional sessions.

Lincoln has a near perfect cast. Daniel Day-Lewis takes on the title role of the 16th president, which he does superbly and respectfully. Many question his choice of voicing for the president, but I find it is more important to focus on what he said, rather than how he said it. Frankly I like his choice of voice. He plays Lincoln as honestly and as accurate as has ever been see on the screen. David Straithairn, Sally Fields and Tommy lee Jone all work wonders as the supporting cast, really showing us what first class actors are. We will probably be seeing Lincoln making a wave in the award circuit for both its acting, screenplay and picture quality.

Steven Spielberg may be the most diversely talented director of all time. Spielberg has made first class films in almost every genre, from Drama, to War, to Sci-Fi, to Adventure and Horror. As he releases more and more movies, it becomes increasingly harder to pick his best. I don’t think there has ever been a director as loved by audiences or admired by critics. His newest release, Lincoln, adds to his list of greats.

Lincoln is honest, moving and another 2012 example of near perfect film making. This is as fine of a film as I have ever seen.



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