‘Groundhog day Review (Post #59)

Before there were movie like Christmas Everyday (1996) and Christmas Do-Over (2006), Bill Murray made a classic Holiday film known as Groundhog Day.I am sorry to say that this was the first time I had ever seen this hilarious comedy.

The story is a simple one, Phil rpeats Groundhog Day over and over and over again. Through this cycle we see Phil’s emotions range from the Dread to Suicidal and finally some heartfelt emotions. Every step of the way, as the audience, we are rooting for the Scrooge-like weather man. No matter how distasteful or selfish he is, we always have a heart for him.

Bill Murray plays Phil with his signature dry-humor approach, and I am happy to say he pulls it off from start to finish. My laughs ranged from the low chuckle to extreme guffawing. It was a memorable, entertaining and heartfelt performance. Though I haven’t seen all of Murray’s films, this was by far my favorite roll of his.

Groundhog Day is not only a lovable comedy but an intelligent fantasy. It’s screenplay is masterfully written and filled with an enormous amount of tenderness. This movie is a classic and I will be revisiting it for years to come. I have only just started my memories of this smashing flick.



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