‘Wreck-It Ralph Review (Post #58)

Wreck-It Ralph is Walt Disney animation Studios latest animation classic. But will it join the ranks of the classic film such as Bambi, Fantasia, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White and the more recent Princess and the Frog and Tangled. I say yes, in ever sense of the word, classic.

Disney launches us intothe fantastic world of the videogame using CGI instead of the classic hand drawn approach. This was a good choice from Disney, as we are so familiar seeing our favorite games in this computer environment.

The film follows the adventure of a villain named Wreck-It Ralph from the fictional 1980s games Fix-It Felix Jr. A classic arcade game concocted exclusively for this film. Ralph isn’t happy being seen as the villain. He feels overlooked and unappreciated. he soon decides he will go to another game and wind a medal so he can gain the fame and recognition he so desperately cleaves.

Disney has, like Pixar, created a world that is highly imaginative that would live in the mind of almost every child. I relate the arcade world and its central hub to that of Pixar’s Monster’s Inc. The video game characters spend there day in their specific title until the arcade closes. This is when the character can roam free and travel to either the arcades central hub or any arcade game they wish. It is a fantastic world. I can just see the creative team witting down and thinking, “What happens when an arcade game character leaves his game to join another title?” It is just fascinating idea to conceive. Similar to “What happens to toys when they are left alone?” In the Toy Story films.

The film is filled with one liners, jokes, love, friendship and everything else you would find in a Disney film. The screenplay was great, appropriate for the world that was created. It even had a twist at the end that got me when the secret was revealed. My only complaint is the movie concludes with an over the top, heart pulsing chase and action sequence that the kids will love and the adults will feel meanders on, but it didn’t take away from what is a film I would rank on the better half of Disney’s 52 animated films. Wreck-It Ralph is a great product from the great Walt Disney Animation Studios.



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