‘The Invisble Man’ Review (Post #57)


The Universal Horror films were some of the first I ever saw. They were films I have always liked but The Invisible Man was not one of them. I went into this film with high hopes and came out disappointed.

It started out very intriguing with a  mysterious man wrapped up to obviously escape the cold winter weather. He enters a inn and asks to spend the night. He is a very forward character and you see that he is hiding something. Soon it is revealed that he is the invisible man, NO WAY!!!! It had lots of laughs at this point and I was enjoying myself and waiting for something good to happen and sadly nothing really did. I was hoping to get some thrilling and interesting plot, but alas, all I got was a terrible script, sub-par supporting actors, random flying objects and allot of screaming from an annoying inn keepers wife. Which was rather funny, not gonna lie. Though this and some not so purposeful funny moments made me laugh, that is almost all I got. We get a side story with some supposed romance with some girl whom I made no emotional connection with at all.

The main protagonist is mostly invisible throughout the film but Claude Rains gives an excellent performance as the invisible man. he is both sinister and at times creepily funny. Much like a Joker like character. He is about the only thing I loved in this film.

Then there is the ending… What a piece of trash. The invisible man goes from a most intelligent scientist who is one step ahead of his enemies until he decides to go to sleep in a secluded hay barn. What are you doing? You killed your man so go run away, board a train, do anything but take a nap. When it got to this point I knew there was no hope for the film. It was like the writers had one hour before deadline to finish writing a screenplay and disregardful everything we learned about the invisible man and let him take a nap.

So to conclude I’ll say Claude Rains was the only good part of the film, besides some jokes and laugh out loud moments. There were no scares and a terrible cast of extras who are some of the stupidest people I have ever seen grace the screen. I really wanted to like this film but there was little hope for it as it drew to its close.



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One response to “‘The Invisble Man’ Review (Post #57)”

  1. Deb Gnemi says :

    Yep I’ve seen this one and it’s definitely not of the cinema’s greatest moments for sure. I’ve never seen Claude Rains in a bad performance but even he couldn’t save this stinker. I had the exact same reaction to him as you did, and I think if the script had been written better and they’d had some decent actors in the thing, it could have been one of the great horror flicks of the time. There’s another movie (not a horror film) but definitely a bad one called “Spoilers of the Forest.” Made in the 50’s. My sister and I can’t even be in the same room together when this thing appears on t.v. We both watched it about 30+years ago, and I thought we were going to choke we were laughing so hard. There’s one scene where a tiny little “bad” guy actually tries to rough up the lead actor who stands a good 2 feet above this meanie. I actually fell off the chair I was sitting in because I was laughing so hard and ended up pounding the floor with my hands yelling “make it stop, make it stop!” Ha ha! 🙂 dg

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