‘American Psycho’ Review (Post #56)


I ordered this film from Netflix on BluRay a few weeks ago and finally got around to watching it. I went into this film thinking it would just be a gritty psychological thriller/horror film, what I got out of it was a deep film with one of the best characters I have ever seen on the screen.

Christain Bale plays Patrick Bateman who is a wealthy business man more interested in the style of his business card, good looks and shapen body then growing in relationships with his co-workers and girlfriend. Bateman’s is one of the most real characters I have ever seen. I have never wanted to do a character study on someone so badly. He is a reflection of what I see to represent human kind itself. He is the most brutally honest and strikingly uncomfortable characters to ever grace the screen. Christain Bale shows us again and again that he is an A class actor, this might even be my favorite role I have seen him in so far. Just as good, if not better than his Oscar winning performance in The Fighter.

Director Mary Harron brought me into this film with a very stylistic and uncomfortably honest cinematography, editing and direction. I loved everything about this film. It wasn’t afraid to get down and dirty into what real life is for so many on this earth. No one says it better than Bateman himself that “No…I am in touch with humanity.” Is this film is in touch with human kind? I would say so. Though presented to the most extreme, this film is accurate to humanities view of every day life. Though I sometimes see Bateman lacking the love and passion many of us genuinely have, this is accurate to those who have skews on love. This is film has so much to say and I have barely scrapped the surface. I highly recommend this film.



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One response to “‘American Psycho’ Review (Post #56)”

  1. CMrok93 says :

    Great review. I love the hell out of this movie and thanks to Bale, ranks up there as one of my favorite performances of all-time. Seriously, the guy is so good it’s scary. It really is scary.

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