‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ Review (Post #55)

I thought I would get so much more out of this horror flick. Some say it is a genre changer. I understand where they are coming from. It was a technically sound film with some great acting and interesting choice of camera and editing here. That is one of the only up sides of this films for me. That and the interesting character and slow plot development. The most interesting parts for me were the first 25 min or so and the last 15.
Born during an age of jump scare, such as Paranormal Activity type films, I have found many of my age to be desensitized to some of the larger scares and thrills at work here. It wasn’t a terrible film, but not one I will remember. I am not a horror fanatic but I am gradually coming more aware of the film making style. Rarely have I found horror films that challenge me and keep me going. This wasn’t one. It is however, all together creepy and will leave you with images no one really wants to think about.



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