‘Argo’ Review (Post #52)

  I first came knowledgeable of Argo when it won the Toronto film festival. the reason this stood out to me was because for the last several years the winner of Toronto has also won Best Picture at the Academy Awards. For me, this made seeing Argo a must.

In 1979 the US embassy in Iran was over run by Iranian revolutionaries. A majority of the staff were held hostage, but six employees escaped and were sheltered at the Canadian ambassador’s unofficial residence. Argo is the about the operation taken to rescue these six.

Our protagonist is played by Director/Actor Ben Affleck. He does a wonderful job as the operations leader, Tony Mendez. Tony Medez constructs a plan to make a fake Canadian science fiction film in Iran by disguising the the Americans as his crew. By doing this he hopes he can smuggle the American’s back to the states.

This film is non stop entertainment from start to finish. Tony Mendez must ask the help from two LA filmmakers to make a convincing fake film. This producer and makeup artist provide a majority of the comic relief in this film. Which surprised me because there was allot for such a serious film subject.

As I said, Argo is non stop thrills and entertainment, It is a great example of master story telling as well as film making. It is one of the finest examples of cinema I have seen in a long time. Argo is the best movie I have seen all year and should not be missed. If you decide to see anything over the next week or so, make it Argo.



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