‘Buried’ Review (Post #50)

(I wrote this review about a year ago)

  Tonight i viewed Buried for the first time. I was intrigued when I saw the trailer for this film about a year ago. Being a limited release I was unable to see it in theaters as I had to drive an hour to see a movie I was only merely interested in. But it has been on Netflix for at least a month now and I finally took my opportunity to dive into the film.

Buried was a fantastic movie! It had some mixed reviews my both critics and fans but I thoroughly enjoyed it. I was fascinated by how they told an hour and a half film (one would think this could only be made into a short film) about a man in a box. This idea was truly intoxicating and genius. The makers of this film knew how to keep the audience interested throughout the entire film. The first way they did this was by color. Throughout the film there are 4 different light sources, a cell phone, a lighter, a flashlight and glow sticks. The filmmakers did well to grab my interest with the colors. Changing from yellow, to blue, to green and red, was fascinating and very intriguing. The other way was the cinematography. One would think that filming an entire movie in a space not much larger then a human would limit the camera capability, but Eduard Grau (The Cinematographer) did work in this movie. Keep every camera angle interesting and engaging. This film was beautifully shot! This fantastic thriller was acted out superbly by Ryan Reynolds. Steering away from his more traditional comedic roots he played a very convincing character. I definitely recommend giving this one a try.



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2 responses to “‘Buried’ Review (Post #50)”

  1. Bethany Fitzgerald says :

    Was it freaky? The thought of being buried alive freaks me out!

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