‘Frankenweenie’ Review (Post #51)

  Tim Burton has directed only one other animated film besides Frankenweenie. Of course he has produced the vastly popular and successful The Nightmare Before Christmas as well as James and the Giant Peach.  So he is no stranger to the genre. As usual Burton keeps his animation to the all familiar big eyed characters and the moderately creepy approach that we are all fond of.

The film is displayed in Black and White, which looks absolutely gorgeous and true to the genre from start to finish. I love how he plays homage to the Universal Monster Classics. Seeing the familiar characters is a whole lot of fun.

The story of Frankenweenie is an adaption of his 1984 short film. This film is a load of fun, filled with some great characters and humorous moments. Though it was entertaining, I sometimes found my mind drifting off from what was projected in front of me. Maybe it was because I had allot on my mind? Anyways, it is a great animated film that I wouldn’t mind seeing again. I prefer Corpse Bride over Burton’s new film.

To conclude, Frankenweenie won’t leave the audience displeased. At least a majority of the audience will like it. This is a good film released during a time with allot of great films. But if you have to choose something heart warming and fun for the kids, choose Frankenweenie.


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