‘Pitch Perfect’ Review (Post #49)

  Let’s just say Pitch Perfect is an exaggeration of what acapella is like in college. Sure it is a ton of fun but I don’t believe most of the things that happen in this film do large schools, but hey I could be wrong. When I heard of this film I figured it would have some great singing and some terrible plot but boy was I Pitch Slapped, not only did I enjoy the arrangements and the vocal talent, but the film was just plain good.

I would put this film somewhere along the lines of Bridesmaids for its story telling and comedic power, though it was nowhere as memorable as the wedding film of last year. But Pitch Perfect brought the laughs and the entertainment. I liked the majority of the characters allot of them realistic and some far over the top, which made for some great scenes. I did find myself relatiing to one of the key characters in the film, Jesse a member of the all male vocal group, The Treblemakers (which just so happens to be the same name as the group I am in in right now).

If you are looking for a good entertaining and fun filled night, I highly recommend Pitch Perfect.




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