‘Looper’ Review (Post #48)


Action is definitely not my favorite genre. The reason it isn’t my favorite is because I feel they often like story and or creativity. But lately I have been seeing some great things come from the action genre. I relate Looper to Drive (Which isn’t exactly a action film) and Source Code, because the films focus on character and story rather then the size of an explosion, though Looper has plenty.

Looper is a Action/Sci-Fi film that will surely resonate with many. It was a very smart film that kept me interested from start to finish. The world created for this film was beautifully crafted and explained. There were so many interesting elements and rules to this world that I found would make an excellent TV show or Mini Series.

Besides the great story and creativity, I thought that Joseph Gordan-Levitt did a great portrayal or a young Bruce Willis. There were a few times he gave looks that had me one over that he was a young Willis. The story focused on his character, which I thought was smart, not splitting the movie into two stories. Joseph was the protagonist and I had no problem believing it. Plus the little kid Pierce Gagnon playing Cid was one of the best performances by a child actor I have ever seen, right along with Haley Joel Osment and Natalie Portman.

Looper is smart, exhilarating and of course highly entertaining.



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