‘Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day’ Review (Post #47)

It was back in 2009 when I originally came across this film. I remember loving the jazzy style and comedic form but it wasn’t until recently that I remembered this film. I immediately felt the need to buy this film so I could revisit it for the first time in years. I looked for it on BluRay but of course, it hasn’t been released. I’m guessing because it has been an over looked film for years, so I had to go with the DVD (I got it for .01 on Amazon)

Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day stars Frances McDormand as Guinevere Pettigrew, a middle-aged London governess who has recently been withdrawn from her most recent job. She ends up, intentionally steeling another woman’s job as a social secretary for an up in coming actress, Delysia Lafosse played by the beautiful Amy Adams. Delysia Lafosse is caught in a love triangle or square rather, as there are 3 men who are all making attempts to win her over. This leads to a number of comical and sweet moments.

What made me love this film is its style. It takes place prior to World War II, a time of jazz, glamor and a time for the poor. This is used not only for some period film making  but also helps capture and form a wonderfully crafted story that respects and gives great example to the structure of screenwriting. As a student under the film production major we have been studying screenwriting by reading about screenwriting and writing our own screenplays. In this film I love how our conflict is shown right away with Delysia Lafosse love problem not only is this comedic but satisfying to me as the viewer. Throughout we see Delysia mature and grow with the coming of war. At the beginning of the film she is innocent and oblivious, by the end she comes to understand that there is going to be a change in her world and she can either change with it or allow herself to float on air and become overwhelmed by the consequences.

Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day is a wonderful film. It is not only a ton of fun to watch, but a well acted and developed story. I would love to see this performed on stage. This would thrive as a stage show.



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