‘Submarine’ Review (Post #46)

Submarine is a coming of age, indie stylized film about a young man named Loyd Tate (Noah Taylor) trying to maintain a relationship with his girlfriend Jordana Bevan (Yasmin Paige), a somewhat nerdy and very independent young woman. This film takes shape in a very Jean-Luc Godard sort of way which is in no way cliche or distracting, but adds to the overall experience.

While Loyd keeps his own relationship alive, he must also or at least believes it is his job to keep him and his parents together and re-ignite that spark between them. This leads into a rather interesting sub-plot that kept me rather intrigued throughout the film. Loyd’s mother’s ex-boyfriend moves next door and captures the interest of Jill Tate (Loyd’s mother). The new neighbor is Graham Purvis, who makes leads towards Jill that makes Loyd suspect they are having an affair.

Overall I found that characters and their portrayals very satisfying. It was funny from start to finish, though near the end I was wishing it all to rap up. This is definitely a film I need to revisit in the near future for the reasons that it was a good film, that was most entertaining and also because the picture was distractingly pix-elated because of the bad Wi-Fi connection on Netflix. I recommend this movie to those who like a good coming of age story with quick, funny dialogue and a Juno like indie style and story.



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