‘‘Top 100 Favorite Feature Films #20-11′ (Post #44)

20          Toy Story 3 (2010)

I was wowed when I saw this film two winters ago. This included all the best of the previous Toy Stories and rolled them into one. This film was so moving and full of some of Pixar’s best story telling. Toy Story 3 was the ending of the best children’s trilogy of all time.

19          The Dark Knight (2008)

I hate to be stereotypical and have The Dark Knight so high on my list but…..dang it!….it is such a good film! This movie is the best of the trilogy and the best comic book movie of all time. Yes even better then The Avengers. Christopher Nolan put together a masterful story that is rich in every aspect, from the screen play to to the cinematography. Plus Heath Ledger did wonders making his joker one of the most iconic rolls of all time. Her owns the joker.

18          Dial M For Murder (1954)

Hitchcock can do no wrong. This is my second favorite of all his films. I love how he uses one set throughout the entire film. This is one of his most well put together films that twists your brain from start to finish. Plus it has Grace Kelly. MMMMMM….Grace Kelly.

17          Fight Club (1999)

Fight Club is probably David Fincher’s most famous and most Favorited film of his career. Even though this film is masterfully crafted from start to finish, of course it was the ending that made me fall most in love. After my first viewing I have been able to appreciate other aspects of the film including the incredible acting, camera work and screen play. This movie is one of the best ever made.

16          The Great Escape (1963)

Every time I watch The Great Escape I am sitting on the edge of my seat, even though I know what happens each step along the way. The Great Escape was probably my first favorite WWII film when I first started watch WWII movies. There is nothing I dislike about this movie and I love everything about it. It is one of those perfect films.

15           Spirited Away (2001)

I was in awe the first time I saw Spirited Away! It was the first Hayao Miyazaki/Studio Ghibli film I had ever seem and I was blown away. This is fantasy, story telling, art direction and animation at its best. I recommend watching this one in the original Japanese dub. I promise you will soon forge you are watching a Japanese film. Miyazaki will sweep you away with this coming of age tale. I can’t wait until this film will be released on BluRay. I have been waiting in great anticipation for not only my favorite animated film but also a film that I believe to be the best animated film ever!

14          Pulp Fiction (1994)

What can I say about you Pulpy? Lets say the first time I saw this movie I watched it two days in a row. That is a rare thing for me that does not happen often and probably hasn’t happened since and that was two years ago. This is Tarantino’s best film and one of the best written films I have ever had the pleasure of viewing. All I can say about Pulp Fiction is that you have to see it to understand it. Go in very open minded. But mind you it isn’t for the faint of heart and has some tough situations.

13          Gone With the Wind (1939)

When I first started getting into films I didn’t know what the best was. All I knew was that Gone With the Wind has been ranked near the top for years. The first time I saw this was in elementary, though I didn’t remember much I did remember the scene were Scarlet goes to fin a doctor and the camera cranes out to reveal the mass of wounded and dead soldiers. That shot is one that has stayed in my mind since then.

12          Casablanca (1942)

I didn’t like Casablanca the first time I saw it. Well at least wasn’t too impressed. But the second viewing totally changed my opinion, which is why I rank it at No. 12. This film is probably the most nostalgic film I have ever seen. What for its music, script, story, acting and all those quotes. Casablanca is a true classic and one of the top 10 films ever made.

11          Sunset Blvd. (1950)

I don’t think one film can make one young film lover wish he lived in 1950s or late 40s as much as this man. It just makes me ache thinking about how good this movie is. This film is one of the best ever made about Hollywood. I loved this film after my first viewing. I was blown away! I recently revisited it for the 2nd time at the beginning of the summer when I started this list and while watching was blown away again. The tale is truly fascinating of a washed-up silent film actress who has no life if it weren’t for film. She becomes entranced with the dream of having a come black on the silver-screen once more. What I find truly fascinating is the actress playing Norma Desmond, Gloria Swanson once was a silent film actress whose career survived the switch to sound. It’s such a great story that shouldn’t be missed by any film lover.


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4 responses to “‘‘Top 100 Favorite Feature Films #20-11′ (Post #44)”

  1. Deb Gnemi says :

    That scene in Gone with the Wind as the camera pulls away and you see row after row after row of wounded and dying in the hot Atlanta sun is stunning and says in less than 2 minutes some of the high cost paid by the South for the Rebellion. I have loved this film since the very 1st time I saw it on t.v. when it was released in the late 1960’s for television viewing. I read the book when I was in 5th or 6th grade purely by accident. I was going thru the M’s in the fiction section of the Owatonna Public Library and saw the title which caught my attention.

    I had no idea what the story was about, didn’t know who Margaret Mitchell was and had no clue a movie had been made in the late 30’s about the story. I was sucked in after the 1st paragraph which clearly gives the reader a picture of Scarlett, Tara and the life she led on the plantation before the war.

    When I saw the movie for the 1st time and watched the camera pan the road up to Tara with the grove of trees on either side of the red clay road and close in on a southern belle with a white dress dotted with emerald green flowers with her face turned away from the audience, I knew the movie was going to follow the flavor of the book that Margaret Mitchell had intended. When Vivian Leigh turned towards the young men surrounding her on the front porch and you see those brilliant green eyes, upturned nose and black raven hair, you just know you are meeting Scarlett just as Margaret Mitchell created her in the book. It is one of my favorite films of that era. If it is on t.v., I stop what I am doing and sit down and watch it.

    I cried in Toy Story 3. It was the best of the 3 and I can honestly say I have NEVER cried watching an animated film. This movie touched on some very real emotions and I absolutely think it is one of the best animated films! The Great Escape was on t.v. last week. I always sit down and watch it, no matter how many times I’ve seen it. I always want a different ending even though I know how it turns out—so we are in total agreement about this one.

    I’ve seen Sunset Blvd a number of times. The 1st time I watched it, I have to admit I was bored as I hadn’t given the film my full attention. The next time I watched it, I started to see what was really going on here. Each time after, I find more and more in in this film. There’s some really interesting stuff going on off-camera that you and I should talk about—you might already know some of this information—one thing about Gloria Swanson–she was Joseph Kennedy’s mistress (Joseph Sr. was father of Joe Jr, John, Robert, Ted and the rest of the gang). The man who stars as Norma Desmond’s butler and valet was actually a director of films himself, especially in the silent era–but was “eight-balled” by studio heads as he was a very difficult person to work with and spent way over budget on many of his films to the extent he was fired on many of the films and replaced on a number of them. William Holden almost had an affair with Gloria Swanson when she was on the “outs” with Joe Kennedy. There’s a bunch of other stuff that make the film even more interesting than the actual stor being filmed!

    I have to admit that Casablanca is not one of my favorite films because I am just not a Humphrey Bogart fan. I try, I really do, but I just cannot connect with him. Ingrid Bergman could read the dictionary and I’d follow her anywhere. One of the greats! I don’t think there is a Hitchcock film I haven’t seen and I love all of them. He was a really weird guy and had a thing for blondes and actually obsessed about Grace Kelly to the point of stalking, but that’s another story. I agree with you about Heath Ledger’s portrayal of The Joker in the Dark Knight film. It still creeps me out to think of him asking, “Why so serious?”

    I haven’t seen Pulp Fiction or Fight Club probably because I am not a huge John Travolta follower…is Brad Pitt in Fight Club? I actually think Brad Pitt was wonderful in Benjamin Button, A River Runs Through, and Meet Joe Black; I think “River” was his best work so far; but I am not a huge Pitt fan either.

    Deb G.

  2. Deb Gnemi says :

    Yep, I thought so. I need to see this one. I’ve seen clips and it looks really, really interesting. I sent you a post on a foreign film my sister has highly recommended. Did you get that post…I think this one m ight interest you.

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