‘The Curious Case of Benjamin Button’ Review (Post #43)

Today I decided to take a second look at this film since my first viewing at least three years ago. I recently acquired the Criterion Collection’s BluRay which was absolutely stunning.

I am a huge David Fincher fan and have loved every film I have seen of his. You can almost always recognize a Fincher film by just looking at his distinctive, high contrast between lights and dark.

We follow Benjamin through a captivating life story. What I find most intriguing about the film is his stories. He travels all around the world as both an old and young man. I recently read that this was adapted from an F. Scott Fitzgerald story were Benjamin is born a tall adult with a beard and grows younger and is told in an almost comedic way. Overall The Curious Case of Benjamin Button adapted screenplay is serious. At first we have hope for this child in an old body but later we find there is no hope for him as he will just become younger and younger. He meets his true love Daisy (Cate Blanchet) when she is young but not until after the half the story is told does he end up with her. There love is a passionate, exciting and most true love. But as he grows younger she is becoming an older woman and we lose some hope.

I love both Cate Blanchet, who is absolutely beautiful and radiant throughout and Brad Pitt who needs to win a fricken Oscar already. Fincher tells a fascinating tale that is beautiful to look at but may be rather long for a majority of small minded viewers. I am interested to dive into the supplements of my BLuRay and learn more about the film. Fincher deserves a Best Picture win as well as director, but Button isn’t the one. He has given us so many good films but hasn’t been given his recognition. This is a great film that shouldn’t be missed.



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