‘Moonrise Kingdom’ Review (Post #42)

I have been excited to see Moonrise Kingdom ever since the trailer was released months ago. Though I have only seen one other Wes Anderson film (The Fantastic Mr. Fox) I knew this movie was going to be great. I was sad when I heard this film was only to be released in select theaters but it turned out that it came to my theater and has been here for a little over a week now and I finally got a chance to take a little trip with my girl and see it. We showed up in the theater and when the show started there were only ten audience members. I felt sad that so many people would skip out on such a spectacular film.

The story is as make believe as the island it takes place on.  The island is made up of little more then the characters in the film. Our heroes in Moonrise Kingdom is one orphan named Sam who has recently escaped from from his Khaki Scout Cam and Suzi who lives with her three brothers and mother and father in a lighthouse. From the start we see that Suzy is a troubled child who longs for more then what her family is giving her. This is why she and Sam decide to run off together and live alone in the wild of the island.After there escape Capt. Sharp (Bruce Willis) the lone existing police man on the island must search for the children with the help of Scoutmaster Ward (Edward Norton) and his remaining Khaki scouts.

Anderson film is told with some of the most precise and well developed camera movements, angles and shots I have ever seen in a film. The choreography and blocking of the characters and objects in the film is spot on from start to finish. Anderson uses great color choices throughout the film including many browns, yellows and greens. Along side with the cinematography there is a beautiful score from one of my favorite composers (Alexandre Desplat) that fits right into Anderson’s wacky world.

I love wacky and random comedies which is why I loved The Fantastic Mr. Fox so much. Besides me there were only a few laughs throughout the film. I found that almost every minute I was bursting out with laughter at the random and well timed comedy. You can tell that the actors aren’t pushing for the laughs either this film is just that funny.

I highly recommend this film to those who love Anderson and his wacky sense of humor. I am giving this film a 9/10 which my girlfriend thinks is a little high. But we just have a difference sense of humor. But I do invite any of you who want to see a good film that in my opinion should be up for Best Picture this coming year. This is a a beautifully crafted and highly stylistic film that shouldn’t be taken to seriously.




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One response to “‘Moonrise Kingdom’ Review (Post #42)”

  1. Deb Gnemi says :

    I remember seeing the trailer for this film and thought at the time, “Hey this is something I’d like to see.” I’ll have to add it to the ever-growing list!

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