‘The Legend of Korra’ Review (Post #38)

  So movies may have the greatest hold on my attention but I do find time to watch TV shows. Though I loath watch Television, I do like buying/ watching TV shows on Netflix, BluRay and DVD. Certain shows like Lost, Prison Break, Smash and Breaking Bad are some of the shows that have caught my interest this past year. Enough introduction let’s get to my review.

I have been a fan of Avatar: The Last Airbender since it started back in 2005. I didn’t watch it religiously but I enjoyed seeing it when I could. I liked the show enough to start buying the series and have recently gone back to Book 1 and realized I hadn’t seen a few episodes. Anyways, I was absolutely pumped when I heard The Legend of Korra was coming out. Like The Last Airbender I didn’t watch this show religiously, I actually didn’t start start watching the show until after the season finally had shown on TV.But my good friend the internet helped me out.

This new series takes place 70 years after the even of the last series. Avatar Aang has moved on and now a new Avatar has made her presence. The show starts after she has learned her way with water, earth and fire bending. She has moved on to live in Republic City ,a metropolis that was made under Aang’s rule to unite all the elements, to learn air-bending from Aang’s son Tenzin. Korra is drastically different then Aang was in the original series, she isn’t a joke cracking little kid, but in fact a rather serious young adult who flies by the seat of her pants, so to speak.

Once she arrives she gets into a little trouble with the crime ridden city and meets and interesting cast of characters. All of which bring something truly extravagant to the story.

The animation style, just like in The last Airbender is visually very appealing, right along with the voice acting. The creator’s gave this new story a kind of 1920s vibe that I really enjoy. The show uses music to enhance this experience even more. Besides the music and art style an interesting side story was given that coincides with the time period. Just like the 20s had boxing, in Republic City there is a professional sport called Pro Bending. The Satomobile is the first mass produced car, just like the Model T. The creators put together a very appealing world that we certainly can relate to and admire at the same time.

The story is as good as if not superior to that of The Last Airbender. A majority of the tale takes place Republic City, but the writers have given us a wide variety of locations and landmarks so we don’t get tired of seeing the same thing again and again. Like I said Korra is a young adult and has allot more adult responsibilities then what we saw with Aang. I enjoyed this allot, it’s like I am growing up with the Avatar. Along with her age we get a darker and much more mature story. It gives us humor, fear, love and a satisfying sense of adventure. I am pumped to see how they will expand the next 2 or three seasons.The main villain in this series is incredible to watch throughout the season. What starts as total mystery ends with a satisfying finally that will leave you aching for Book 2.

If you loved Avatar: The Last Airbender you will love this new series. The Legend of Korra was superbly made and will stand up to the fans’ expectations.



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