‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ Review (Post #37)

I remember back to 4th grade when Spider-Man was released and how much I wanted, like any young boy (or girl) to be Spider-Man. My love of the Spider-Man grew with the release of Spider-Man 2 and even with the often hated Spider-Man3.I wasn’t among the haters of the franchise relaunch, I thought (The trilogy is done, why-not put our beloved Spider-Man into a new story)and boy was I ever satisfied.

The Amazing Spider-Man is not your regular action packed super-hero film. It is a finally crafted tale that is made for those who favor story over explosive action. Marc Webb has brought to screen an an enormously pleasurable tale of our favorite web slinging hero. What I appreciated most about this film was the use of story-telling to give a truly satisfying reboot/remake. Unlike so many origin super-hero stories The Amazing Spider-Man gives us over an hour of origin story, which I greatly appreciated. We find out what happens to Peter Parker’s parents as well about how and why he has become Spider-Man to begin with. So many super-hero films go a little crazy and toss to much at the audience at one time. We are never able to become emotionally attached to our spandex wearing friends as we would like.

Peter Parker is played by the tremendously talented Andrew Garfield (The Social Network) who captured my attention from the very start of the film. At his side the beautiful Emma Stone plays Parker’s romantic interest, Gwen Stacy. This couple has incredible chemistry that I found most enchanting.  Though there is some great visuals and fun action sequences, it is the acting and story that take the cake. I couldn’t have been more pleased with this re-installation.

The Amazing Spider-Man comes in a close second to the superior Spider-Man 2, but still holds its own even though I found the villain a bit lacking, especially compared to Doc Oc. I don’t know how this will measure up to the comic fans, since I never read comics, but like books hopefully they can put aside their expectations and take it as it is.

This film will be loved by kids though they may not appreciate the beautifully crafted story as some of us older viewers. Even though I feel that the action was done better then the rest of the films, it may not have enough for those looking for an action filled romp of a movie. This was a masterfully crafted film that left me absolutely satisfied from start to finish.



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