‘Brave’ Review (Post #33)

I wanted to love Brave but I only came out liking it. After Pixar’s devastatingly dull film Cars 2 last year, I was hoping for a return of the story telling masters but sadly Brave came up short from being one of their best.

Merida is a red haired, adventurous princess who wants only one thing, to not be a princess. He life is ruled by her mother who is constantly telling her ‘Princess’ don’t…………’ Merida is a free spirit who longs to live as she wishes to ride in the Forrest  while perfecting her archery but can’t because she must pick a suitor from one the three neighboring kingdoms to be her husband. This is all the trailers show us and all I will show you before seeing this film.

Brave reminded me allot of Brother Bear, both of these films taught basically the same lesson, a good lesson but one we have seen before that we should never choose to change our destiny. Brave was beautifully animated and at times breathtakingly beautiful, but that this fact can’t make up for the lack of storytelling which is usually Pixar’s strong suit.Braveuses mostly comedy to feed the audiences need of entertainment, but left me very empty in the end.

To conclude I would like to say that you will probably enjoy this film but probably not love it. If you need to take the kids out for the night, sure bring them to Brave they will be most satisfied (The theater was full of kids who were laughing and having a great time). At times it can be a little scary for the youngest and most tender or the flock but hopefully most will be OK. Brave is probably Pixar’s second worst film, but by no means is it a bad film. Take a chance and see it, but if you want to be fully satisfied there are better options for adult viewers.



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One response to “‘Brave’ Review (Post #33)”

  1. todayiwatchedamovie says :

    I’ve never seen Brother Bear, but I did make that same connection while watching this.

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