‘Snow White and the Huntsman’ Review (Post #30)

I am just going to star off and say I was bored. Snow White and the Huntsman wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t great by any means. I sat through the film looking at some gorgeous cinematography, some great CGI but other-words a boring base.

Snow White and the Huntsman tells the old tale of an evil queen who wants to be young and can only stay immortal if she devourers beautiful women’s souls. And by the time Snow White comes of age she is fairer then the beautiful queen (Charlize Theron, the highlight of all the characters in the film). Then on this day Snow happens to find a nail that she uses to attack the queens brother and escapes into the Dark Forrest.Than Ravenna (The Queen) must find a way to get her heart.

Now, sure this is the classic story but focuses much more on The Huntsman and The Queen then just Snow which is absolutely fine but I just didn’t grasp this portrayal of the classic story. The highlights definitely come with Charlize Theron and the sweeping cinematography. Don’t take my opinion to heart because my girlfriend like the movie just fine as did a few of my friends but I was sitting there wishing I was watching Prometheus again. Well it wasn’t aweful and I am glad I saw it, but now I am just interested in seeing Mirror Mirror to see which I like more.

So to conclude if you like a good period piece that has some decent acting and some cool action at pints go see it! Otherwise if you had to choose one movie to see over the next few weeks go to Prometheus.



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