‘Prometheus’ Review (Post #28)

  “It was a little intense…” Were the words spoken by my friend Austin after I asked him what he thought of the film as we left the movie theater. I pretended throughout the film to not see him squirming in his seat, well not only pretending but was absolutely captivated by the jaw drop display in front of my eyeballs.

Prometheus is the exciting Sci-Fi/Horror film from Dir. Ridley Scott, who over 30 years after the original Alien has revisited this fabulous futuristic world to give us a prequel of sorts to the Alien films. Now I have only seen Alien and Aliens once and they were very recent viewings at that, but I still appreciated them for how revolutionary they were and I saw why they were such classics but I wasn’t as moved as I thought I’d be. Maybe this is because I have only seen them once and didn’t grow up watching them like my roommate who originally showed me the films. But this didn’t stop me from being overly excited when I watched and watched my roommate watch the trailers for Prometheus over and over again. I was long awaiting this film but wasn’t able to see it until a week after its release. (A great movie is always a great movie, not matter when you see it)

Prometheus was a collaboration of everything great about movies, great script, story, acting and visuals. The script and storyline were absolutely captivating, I have hardly ever said I was on the edge of my seat or as captivated by a film then I was this one. The acting was pitch perfect. Some f the best work was done by Noomi Rapace (Elizabeth Shaw), Michael Fassbender (David). They did some great work and were absolutely believable in every situation. Especially during this certain scene where this one thing happens with Elizabeth (One of the most memorable scenes I have ever seen, outstanding)

Even though, like my friend Austin who was a little squeamish throughout, he still liked it even though he has never seen any of the Alien films. As I said I was absolutely captivated from start to finish. I really had no idea what to expect, well I new there would be some gross alien deaths but otherwise I was completely enthralled. This movie will leave you excited and ready for more of Scott‘s memorable world in a hopeful Prometheus 2. This movie is why I love going to the cinema(wish I could have seen it on 35mm instead of Digital). See this film if you love movies!



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