‘It Happened One Night’ Review (Post #26)

It Happened One Night was another delightful Frank Capra film. I would call this film the mother of modern romantic comedies. There are so many elements in this movie that have been used over and over again in future films. So often a film starts out when two characters meet and show little if any interest in each other and eventually grow to fall in love. Though I have not seen every romantic comedy out there I can say that this is probably where it all started.

The film starts off with Ellie (Claudette Colbert) jumps ship (literally) to get away from her snobbish and uptight life and meets Peter (Clark Gable) on a bus traveling to New York. From then on through a number of events Peter and Ellie grow closer together.

I had only seen Clark Gabel in Gone With the Wind so I was excited to see what he had to offer. Gabel played the hilarious strictly honest and sometimes drunk Peter with an heir of wit and class. He was definitely the most enjoyable of the couple and I loved satire after satire used in this film.

The DVD I watched had a pretty rough negative used with allot of skips and bad picture at points. I only hope  restoration process will be made for a BluRay.

Frank Capra did good work in It Happened One Night. A wonderful and cherry film!



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