‘An Affair To Remember’ Review (Post #27)

I viewed An Affair to Remember a day after watching It Happened One Night (Frank Capra) and I found it close to just as delightful as the original this classic romantic comedy. In this film Cary Grant is a charming playboy who meets a night club singer (Deborah Kerr) on a cruise from Europe to New York. As the couple fall in love they find that their love affair is a bit of a problem because they both have significant others. One returning home they agree to meet 6 months later at the Empire State Building.

I saw this movie a few months after I saw Sleepless in Seattle which I adored. The women in the this movie loved An Affair to Remember. Just like the woman in Sleepless I would have cried after seeing this film if I cried during movies. It was just so sweet.

This movie was so funny at times, especially during the parts with the boy who got “All tangled up…”. Laughed allot at that part, as well with children’s choir. And as usualCarywas his normal studly and comedic self.

An Affair to Remember was one of the best romantic comedies I have ever seen. It will be loved by women (and some men) for years to come.



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One response to “‘An Affair To Remember’ Review (Post #27)”

  1. Deb Gnemi says :

    Grant, have you seen the remake with Annette Benning and maybe Harrison Ford (can’t remember), called LOVE AFFAIR? It just didn’t make it for me…mostly because who can improve on Cary Grant for starters? And Deborah Kerr, a class act, timeless, unforgettable. One of my favorite British actresses. I’ve seen IT HAPPENED ONE NIGHT, only one time, with Clark Gable and Claudette Clobert?(spelling?)—great movie. There’s a remake of that one too but can’t remember who was in it————–I think it was remade in the late 90’s maybe in 2000’s. It was good but I am a sap for the older ones. As many times as I have seen AN AFFAIR TO REMEMBER, and I am proud to own a copy (and I don’t own that many movies)—I always cry at the end when Nicki (Cary Grant) discovers Deborah Kerr can’t walk and that she had tried to get to the Empire State Building………the song he played on the piano when they visited his grandmother is so haunting, I absolutely adore it.

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