‘The Beaver’ Review (Post #22)

The Beaver tells the story of a man named Walter (Mel Gibson) who has been dealing with depression for the better part of his life and has recently been kicked out of the house by his wife Meredith (Jodie Foster, also the Director of the film). After a failed suicide attempt Walter finds a puppet beaver that he uses as a type of therapy to over come his struggles.

The Beaver was a very honest film that could be seen to reflect Mel Gibson’s life. Mel Gibson’s does outstanding work as the leading man in this film. He could have been Oscar worthy if not for some of his actions in the past. Mel isn’t the only strong actor in this Jodie Foster place a very believable wife who is struggling to keep her family together. Also Anton Yelchin (Star Trek 2009) and Jennifer Lawrence (Winter’s Bone,The Hunger Games) are excellent in there supporting sub plot portrayals.

Personally there was nothing to dislike about this film. The screenplay was absolutely outstanding and I couldn’t ask for a better group of actors. Besides the acting and story the cinematography is easy to look at and doesn’t distract from the beautiful performances.The Beaver is highly recommended by me for those who are looking for a little challenge. Who knows, it may touch some part of you heart that you have been struggling in.



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One response to “‘The Beaver’ Review (Post #22)”

  1. Hannah Megill says :

    I loved The Beaver. So far it’s my second favorite movie of 2011 (right after Midnight in Paris).

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