‘Top 100 Favorite Feature Films #90-81′ (Post #20)

As I have been blogging my list I have been constantly changing my list. I am also watching movies on my list that I haven’t seen in a long time to refresh my memory of them.  I am watching #90 The Longest Day as we write. Remembering Memorial Day!

90          The Longest Day (1962)

The Longest Day has always been one of my favorite WWII films. With an almost three hour clocking time, this movie is filled with quick passed story lines. I love how we see so many stories and plots throughout this film. My favorite part is during the night time paratrooper drops into France Pvt. Dutch Schultz  played by Richard Beymer of West Side Story fame and a number of allied men walk right passed a group of German soldiers in the pitch black night. It isn’t until after that he realizes they were German. Though one would think there could be much comedy in a WWII film this movie is full of it; A dog, A Bagpiper, A Frenchman on a bicycle all on the Normandy beaches. A fantastic Epic! Plus the Germans actually speak German and the French speak French!

89          The Fall (2006)

This film was made over a period of four years and boy was it worth it! This film is made up of some of the most beautiful landscapes and some of the most captivating establishing shots I have ever seen. This film is a heartfelt fantasy that many will enjoy. This movie is a rare beauty for this age of film making. The Fall is a film for all those who appreciate the beauty in art.

88          The King’s Speech (2010)

The Best Picture of 2011 and rightly so. Though it wasn’t my favorite film of the year it definitely deserves this prestigious award. Besides the acting my favorite thing about this film is its cinematography.  One can tell that every shot was choreographed and compiled with expert precision. This is a beautiful film that tells a very important story. The greatest period piece of modern cinema.

87          Cinema Paradiso (1988)

One of my favorite type of movies are movies about film and the effect cinema has on peoples lives! Cinema Paradiso is a fabulous film about a young Italian boy and how he grew up with movies! It is a passionate film that portrays the importance of film in peoples every day lives. This is a sweet movie that is for all those people out there, like me, who have a strong passion for film.

86           Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (1969)

“Rain Drops keep falling on my head…” Fricken loved this movie after my first viewing. I am watching it again because it has been a almost two years since I first saw it. This movie was a really fun ride with some superb acting by Paul Newman and Robert Redford. My favorite western for sure, with True Grit (2010) as a close second.

85         All Quiet On the Western Front (1930)

Besides Warhorse, All Quiet On the Western Front is the only WWI movie I have ever seen. This film takes the interesting position of the German side of the war, though of all the acting is done by American actors. All Quiet is a phenomenal picture. The story was very intriguing and gut wrenching throughout. I felt that the film makers took a very open view on the war that not one side was worse then the other. The most moving and remember-able is when the main character mortally wounds a French soldier in a shelled out whole in the ground but weeps and fights for that young soldiers life. All Quiet On the Western Front is remarkable.

84          Good Will Hunting (1997)

Good Will Hunting is a perfectly crafted film that is filled with top notch acting, story and dialogue. This is a truly moving picture that uses its characters as its structure. This is a film that wowed me after its completion. In my opinion this is  Matt Damon’s best role. This is one of those films that show you how great humanity truly is.

83          Finding Neverland (2004)

I originally saw this when it first came out but I was a young adolescent that didn’t know anything about movies but almost two years ago I revisited this film and I was captivated by how magical this film was. The power of love and family is portrait expertly in this film. This story is about the author ofPeter Pan(a novel I have regretfully never read) and his experience with a family and a young boy that inspired his writing. Finding Neverland is nothing short of a masterpiece. Plus it has one of the most beautiful scores I have ever heard.

82          The Lion King (1994)

I don’t see how I could not include this classic animated film. What a great movie made during Disney’s second Golden Age. I have always loved everything from the music to the bright animation. Much love to this near perfect animated classic.

81          Sherlock Holmes (2009)

So it may not be the most accurate Holmes ever constructed but it truly has great heart. This brain of the great Sherlock Holmes enchanted me, I was awed by the genius writing for this movie. I have become a big RDJ fan after seeing this movie. I love how he attacks his dialogue. I see a true artistic liscense in his work! Sherlock Holmes is a great mystery full of charming and witty plot points. I enjoyed this movie so much that I revisit is frequently, each time with just as much vigor.


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One response to “‘Top 100 Favorite Feature Films #90-81′ (Post #20)”

  1. Debbie Gnemi says :

    “The King’s Speech”–excellent choice! “The Longest Day,” one of the largest WWII casts every put together!!! There is a silent film version of ALL QUIET ON THE WESTERN FRONT. It’s actually better than the talking picture. “Finding Neverland,” didn’t get the recognition it should have; impressive film.

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