‘Top 25 Favorite Animation Feature Films #20-16’ (Post #13)

20          Snow White

A beloved film from when I was a child. This has great sentimental value to me and I can’t even think of the how many times I viewed this when I was younger. Walt Disney’s 1st and arguably greatest! I am proud to include this beautiful film on my list. This films included some of my favorite songs when I was younger and the story will stand the test of time.

19          Toy Story 2

The Toy Story films were always two of my favorite movies to watch. They are loads of fun! Toy Story 2, for example had on of the coolest openings to a movie I had ever seen. Also the introduction to new characters was a breath of fresh air. Toy Story 2 is definitely one one of the best sequels of all time. I always find it a pleasant viewing if I decide to pop in the fun/toy filled adventure.

18         Finding Nemo

I can still remember the first time I ever saw this movie. It was fifth grade in choir. This film is full of bright and vibrant colors, which is something I have always loved about the film. Full of fun adventure and a beautiful story. I loved how they adapted normal family life to the world of fish.  Again this was a heavily watched favorite and arguably Pixar’s best film in my opinion. I will definitely be showing this regularly to my future children. Also this film needs to come out on BluRay already.

17          Howl’s Moving Castle

Though I have only viewed this film once it was an astounding experience. Another Hayao Miyazaki/Studio Ghibli film. I haven’t seen all of their work so with further views these could be easily inter-changed into my list. What I love about Miyazaki is all the new ideas he thinks up for his film. Howl’s Moving Castle was one of the most magical journey’s I have ever seen. A great film that should be viewed by all. Also another film that needs to come out on BluRay.

16          The iron Giant

I may have seen this film when I was younger but I couldn’t remember anything about it so over a year ago I found that it was on Netflix and decided to give it my attention. Brad Bird does a fabulous job in this story about a relationship between a boy and a giant (or Iron Giant). This is such a beautiful film that has a great cult following. This movie deserves to be given attention to both children and adults alike.



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