‘Beginners’ Review (Post #10)

Beginners is the story of a middle aged man Oliver (Ewan McGregor) who has just lost his dad to cancer, while 6 years earlier after his mother died his father, Hal Fields (Christopher Plummer, Academy Award Winner in this role for Best Supporting Actor)  came out as to Oliver. The story of Oliver is about relationships. The relationship between his dad his mother, his dog Aurthur, a French actress that he falls in love with and himself. This film was marvelous. It was released in 2010, under the radar but was reviewed well by the critics. This film was brought together by an amazing indie style, great story and great emotion.

The story is told through the eyes and the ever evolving consciousness of Oliver. It is a fantastic, witty, love filled film that everyone should take a chance to see. This movie was filled with symbolism, as it was connected and edited through a series of clever narrative and images. A great experience and a must see for film buffs.



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