‘Tree Of Life’ Review (Post #5)

Tree Of Life. I just finished watching this film 15 minutes ago and I am blogging about it while it is still fresh in my head. First I would like to say that this film is a masterpiece. It was one of the most beautiful films I have ever seen in my life. absolutely gorgeous.

Normally I would go into a synopsis about the film and tell you all what it is about. But I am not going to. I feel that this film is about something else to everyone. To me it was about relationships. Especially that between father and son. I think I can say that Tree Of Life has meant more to me than any other movie I have ever seen. I related to the story in many ways. Even though I never went through all the things the characters did, especially that of Jack, I have had a touch of what he experienced growing up. Though I did not shed tears during this movie, my heart ached for what Jack and his family experienced. With future viewing I am almost positive that tears may fall. I can’t express in words how I feel about this film. I just urge everyone to see this film, especially men and fathers. This movie can teach us some of the most important things about family and life.

Enough of all that gushy stuff. The films story was told through expression, editing, music, cinematics and acting. The dialogue was kept at a minimal while throughout the movie a narration told through whispers of the characters innermost feelings was laid out for the audience. Tree Of Life is my favorite film that I have seen from 2011. I have not seen all of them of course. But this film will resonate with me for years to come. A must see! 10/10!



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One response to “‘Tree Of Life’ Review (Post #5)”

  1. Deb Gnemi says :

    Your feelings ab out this film are almost identical to my sister’s. Gotta see this one.

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