‘Woman In Black’ Review (Post #3)

Woman In Black was my first theatrical Horror movie experience. I had not, until this time ever seen a horror movie in theaters for a number of reasons. One, I have never really seen many horror movies in my life. And Two, well I wasn’t allowed to watch many horror movies when I was younger. So I am pretty naive when it comes to horror, but I still enjoy the genre.

Woman in Black is about a young lawyer Arthur Kipps, (Daniel Radcliffe) who travels to a remote village where he discovers the vengeful ghost of a scorned woman is terrorizing the locals. (IMDB summary!!!!) I just put this as my summary so I don’t give any of the story way. Woman in Black was a beautifully shot film. The dark cinematography really was one of the main reasons I was fascinated by this films. All of the camera movements where very steady and this appealed to me and I found gave the movie allot more suspense. Anyways this move was just beautiful to look at. As I mentioned before the cinematography made this film very suspenseful and scary. Yes it was scary! I have never jumped so badly while watching a movie before. There were a number of jump scares at the beginning but then later in the film they just got super scary. The mix of sound and the cinematography and really well timed editing made this movie. I don’t know if it was the combination of the scary actions and girls screaming but I was genuinely creeped out. The story line was ok for what it was. After watching the film I was talking to two of my friends who read the book and told me about some differences. By what they told me I came to the conclusion that if the kept the story exactly the same, it wouldn’t have made a very good film. So I guess what they changed was for the best. In conclusion I thoroughly enjoyed this film because it was pissing scary and because I loved the cinematography. Radcliffe was good in it, I forgot he was Harry Potter, but my friends couldn’t forget the fact that he has been Harry for so many years and were waiting for him to bust out his wand. It was a good flick and I give Woman In Black a 7/10.


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