My Movie Collection-Feb. 2nd (Post #2)

Being a movie nerd I love watching and collecting movies. Now throughout my life my family has bought many films but not many of them were personally mine. So out of all the movies I have gotten in my life only a few have been mine that I have not bought myself. So right now my collection is moderately small. I collect films of every format. As of right now these formats include Super 8mm, VHS, DVD and BluRay. I will be updating this page every time I get a new film added to my collection. I will post pictures of my virtual collection that I organize using an app called Delicious Library V. 2.

Screen Shot of My Complete Collection: (75)

BluRay: (28)

DVD: (35)

VHS: (7)

Super 8mm: (Not Upated) (5)


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One response to “My Movie Collection-Feb. 2nd (Post #2)”

  1. 3guys1movie says :

    Thats a sweet looking App I am going to have to check that out.

    Say if your going to be blogging about films you may want to check out the LAMB its a group of bloggers all talking about films and reviewing them etc.. Lots of info about film blogging and a friendly bunch of folks over there.

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